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Mission Statement

Quintessential Promotions is a highly specialized promotional company located in the heart of South Florida. We offer a dynamic selection of College-educated models who are the most personable, reliable and charming young women in Miami. Targeting only the best companies, with the best products, we are here to raise the bar on service and professionalism. Our primary goal is to work directly with our clients to find the most qualified models to best fit their product, brand or service. Never again should a company be represented by “just a pretty face.”

Who are we?

Quintessential Promotions was founded by Katherine Quinn and Jordan Tomback. Kat had been in the modeling and event industry for 7 years representing companies, building client relations, and developing her reputation as a Model, Spokesmodel and Promotional Model. She had the experience, professionalism, and understanding of the business to train and mentor other girls, but was being held back by restrictive management and a lack of incentives. After 4 years studying Communications and Advertising at the University of Miami, Kat met Jordan and a business was born. By combining his business experience with her practical firsthand experience they created Quintessential Promotions.

What do we do?

There are amazing products in this world and Models, Spokesmodels and Promotional Models do a great deal of the practical selling of these products. They are the first personal representative consumers come into contact with when dealing with a new brand and this interaction can make or break a future relationship. By choosing Quintessential Promotions, we can ensure increased product awareness and create positive associations between a consumer and the product or brand. We can staff your promotional or corporate event with attractive and brand-knowledgeable models, provide driven and sales-oriented models for tradeshows and product launches, and book talented fashion models for photoshoots and fashion shows.

Who have we worked with?

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There are many events that happen in Miami. We are proud to work with a very distinguished crowd. Featured above are some of our clients. We worked over 150 events in 2015 and look forward to 2016! For a complete list, please inquire with our management team!


Leadership Profile

Katherine (Kat) Quinn – President: Kat is a professional in the fashion and event-planning industry. With 10+ years experience in modeling and working with a variety of agencies, she is a natural model and quickly learned the ins and outs of Runway, High Fashion, Print and Promotional Modeling. She loved being in front of the camera, but knew there was more to experience than castings, go-sees and being a pretty face. Her dedicated and positive personality took her to places like New York, Miami, and Florence, Italy where she studied art, fashion and events. In 2010, Kat graduated from the University of Miami and rather than continue to pursue her own modeling career, felt her real place was helping models go through the process she just completed. Taking a lead from her modeling idol, Eileen Ford, Kat quickly got the nickname “Mama Kat” becoming notorious for protecting her models and ensuring nothing but the top talents work with her. This wonderful niche of models Kat created has grown with an unrivaled energy providing an exciting environment to work in and grow with her clients.
Kat’s Professional Profile on Linkedin

Jordan Tomback – CEO: Jordan is an enthusiastic, passionate, forward thinking entrepreneur. Growing up in San Francisco, he apprenticed under his father, Jeff Tomback, with his small business, Miller Tomback. Ranked as one of the Unites State’s top 500 small businesses, his company was a pioneer in promotional advertising for over 25 years. Creating exclusive amenity programs for 5 star hotels like Pebble Beach, Spanish Bay, Carmel Valley Ranch, and the Parker Meridian, Miller Tomback found a great niche in a very large hospitality market. Taking his knowledge of Marketing and Business Management, Jordan and Kat partnered in 2010 to develop Quintessential. Complimentary to Miller Tomback and Kat’s modeling career, Jordan discovered that building a modeling agency with a niche market would be a natural progression to his professional career.
Jordan’s Professional Profile on Linkedin

Kat and Jordan were also featured in Miami Shoot Magazine, Entrepreneur of the Month (May-June 2014 Issue, page 58):

Our Difference

Size: Quintessential is a refined and personalized agency that targets a niche market. Unlike some agencies who utilize a shotgun approach showcasing a database of 100’s or even 1,000’s of models to choose from, Quintessential is the opposite. We take the time to get to know every model personally, which ensures quality control so our clients get model representation at its finest. Developing our talent in-house, we create elite teams of models who exude beauty, personality and an incomparable energy to every event, trade show and promotion.
Experience: Kat is the face of our agency and her resume is as impressive as her beauty. Our team has over 20 years of experience in Modeling, Promotions/Marketing, and Event Management. With our combined talents, the Quintessential Team understands client relations, customer service, and how to properly motivate and incentivize our models. Taking into consideration even the smallest of factors like drive time, parking, lunch breaks, and styling goes a long way. Kat goes above and beyond working behind the scenes and side by side with her talent; in effect, our models respect her and work harder for her than any other agency in Miami.
Quality Control: Come to any Quintessential event, promotion, photo shoot, or trade show and you will find management present. Ensuring nothing but the best customer service, Quintessential has worked very hard to build a reputation for flawlessly executed events so clients can focus on their business and not worry about the model’s performance or results.
Customer Service: Quintessential prides itself on its ability to provide punctual and quick responses. Kat’s knowledge of every model allows her to quickly place models with clients, and respond to client requests very promptly. Quintessential keeps staff in the office from 9AM -7PM Monday – Saturday to ensure only the best in customer service.


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