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Brand Ambassadors

Intelligent, Captivating, Cultivated. The Quintessential Spokesmodels are highly trained and educated models that know the ins and outs of your brand.
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Event Staff

Lights. Camera. Action. What do you want to convey in your next campaign? Browse through our network of experienced fashion models to find the best fit for your product.
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Promo Models

Cocktail Samples, Tee Shirts, Key Chains. Whatever your company has to promote, the Quintessential Promotional Team will do the best job of showcasing it.
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Trade Show Hostess

Corporate, professionally trained, increase your visibility. Specializing in Trade Shows, our hostess division is second to none.
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Registration Services

Make an incredible first impression and run flawless conventions with our registration team.
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Part of Speech: Adjective Definition: Representing the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class: "the quintessential promotional team". Synonyms: archetypal, capital, champion, consummate, definitive, distinguished, esthetic, excellent, exemplary, famous, fine, finest, first-rate, flawless, ideal, master, masterly, paradigmatic, paramount, perfect, prime, quintessential, ranking, standard, superior, top, top-notch, vintage, well-known