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Brand Ambassadors are the main face at events, trade shows, conventions, conferences and business meetings. We view Booth Hostesses, Registration Staff, Lead Generators, and Demonstration Models as an extension of your sales team. We believe spokes models must master the art of communication, persuasion, and the identification of a potential client. Each Quintessential spokes model receives hands-on training to sharpen these skills. We train our spokes modeling teams to be interactive, educated, and trained on the brand or product to make representation as personable as possible. Spokes models are our highest paid talent because of the work, training and preparation we put them through and the dedication they commit to your brand and it’s lifestyle.

There are critical moments for a brand when exhibiting at a trade show, convention or conference and for a product at its launch party or anniversary. When a client, new or regular, comes into contact with the product specialist or model hostess, how crucial is that interaction? How important is the person making the introduction? At Quintessential, we feel this is one of the most important moments for a brand and we specialize in trade show models, convention models, event and model hostesses, and VIP concierge services that go above and beyond professional.

Quintessential Promotions realizes the amount of time a company puts into planning and the projections that go into a product launch or new service. Now we want to ask you how much goes into the person that will actually give the pitch or demonstrate the product? Any good salesmen will say that you get 30 seconds to introduce yourself and what you are selling, how will you want that 30 seconds to be spent? There is a strategy that goes into the correct placement of a spokes model and Quintessential can ensure the correct staff goes with the correct brand.

Are you targeting a mostly Spanish speaking audience? Maybe Portuguese, French, or Russian? Quintessential has a wide variety of bi and multi lingual spokes models to present to your new customers. Trying to sell a $20 million yacht at the next boat show? Quintessential has a proven track record of luxury sales with Sunseeker Yachts and Edmiston yacht charters. We ensure complementing high-class personalities of our models to keep your clients entertained and make them feel like they are buying something special – the lifestyle you are promoting with your brand.

First impressions mean everything. Hire Quintessential Promotions to avoid the risk and uncertainty of booking trade show models with inadequate training and experience. We take the time and dedication to learn the ins and outs of your brand, what you want to achieve from your event, activation or show and who is the quintessential representation. Let us become an extension of your brand, and together we will achieve the results you’ve been waiting for. After all, finding the quintessential fit of a model with a brand, is what we deliver best here at Quintessential Promotions!


Part of Speech: Adjective Definition: Representing the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class: "the quintessential promotional team". Synonyms: archetypal, capital, champion, consummate, definitive, distinguished, esthetic, excellent, exemplary, famous, fine, finest, first-rate, flawless, ideal, master, masterly, paradigmatic, paramount, perfect, prime, quintessential, ranking, standard, superior, top, top-notch, vintage, well-known