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Book a Miami model with Quintessential Promotions, and take your marketing campaign to the next level. Our modeling agency makes it easy to find and book Miami-based models for your next campaign, look book, photo shoot, runway show, or commercial. Our models act as staff for events. Greeting, registering, directing; we ensure people get to where they need to be. There are hundreds of models for hire in Miami, making it easy to become overwhelmed when searching for talent to represent your brand persona. Our agency brings out the best in each model to ensure a flawless booking process and overall event success!

Our Miami modeling agency is the perfect place to find and book the talent for your next big shoot. Featuring the top models in Miami, Quintessential takes great efforts to create a diverse and gorgeous selection of models to represent your brand. Modeling agencies can offer pretty faces, but often fail to communicate critical details like height, weight and measurements in order to book and get the job done. At Quintessential, our philosophy on model management is to lead by example. Led by founder Kat Quinn, a professional model with over 10 years experience, Kat knows the ins and outs from the standpoint of both client and model. We offer real beauties and real personalities that bring a unique combination of professionalism, charm, and attraction unmatched by any other talent agency in Miami.

Book models through Quintessential Promotions and rest assured that you will receive fantastic results. Each model goes through an intensive casting process that is personally managed by Kat Quinn. To qualify to become a Quintessential fashion model, one must endure an open casting, an additional one-on-one meeting with Kat and must attend a local event before being booked for a paid gig. This is a long process. In the end, it ensures that our talent is qualified, professional, and reliable. We strongly believe in delivering results that will enhance your brand image.

Trying to decide which model agency in Miami to work with for your next shoot? Steer away from those promoting a modeling service with thousands of models in their database. With a proven track record, Quintessential understands that every detail matters in a shoot or show, and ensures quality control. There is an energy that models bring to modeling jobs. It’s obvious when they are distracted, lack focus, or have other things on their mind. Our services include model management for each photo shoot, an attribute most agencies lack. A member from Quintessential Promotions is always in attendance for the client’s support and the models. Video testimonials and references are available on request from our models and clients to demonstrate our commitment to being a premier Miami modeling agency that always represents companies to the best of our ability.

Booking models for fashion shoots, runway shows, look books, trunk shows, events and appearances is an exciting process at Quintessential. Having the opportunity to work with such clients like Cheeki Lingerie, Miro’s Boutique, Lauren Gold Apparel, Bianca Coletti Swimwear, Cty Trend Jewelry, De la Mer Jewelry, Kymerah and Zensah Fitness Apparel has been a rewarding experience. We are proud of our work and our models and to be associated with such talented designers. We look forward to working with all of them again and expanding! Additional services Quintessential Promotions can offer is finding and booking photographers, make-up artists, hair stylists, videographers, and graphic designers in addition to our fabulous modeling team!


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