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Cocktail Samples, Tee Shirts, Key Chains. Whatever your company has to promote, the Quintessential Promotional Team will not only do the best job of promoting it, but they will leave a lasting impression on your consumers. We specialize in creating unforgettable brand experiences and strive to increase brand awareness. The Quintessential Promotional Team is available for hire to be your next Brand Ambassador or Representative at Special Events, Nightclub and Bar Promotions, Product Launch Parties, Golf Tournaments, Sporting Events, and Street Team Marketing.

Finding and booking the right promotional models for your next event, product launch, grand opening, or street team marketing campaign is extremely important. Brands need more than just a pretty face to represent their product and image. Before you book your promo talent, look through our portfolio of models and our list of events and clients. When comparing our promotional specialists to our competitors, you will find that we keep a consistent type for our talent: beautiful inside and out! Our talent has big smiles, big personalities, and big hearts. We hire our models not only on their attractiveness, but their ability to interact at events and care for their job and their self. All models also have intensive backgrounds in modeling, sales and hospitality. In order to make the Quintessential Modeling Team, one must have not only the beauty and the brains, but the strive and personality to bring out both attributes.

Quintessential Promotions prides itself on being the best promotional company, enhancing events throughout South Florida due to one reason: Team Work. Quintessential Promotions founder and owner, Kat Quinn, makes all this possible. Being an experienced promotional specialist herself, Kat has represented a variety of brands in the last 10 years, such as Bacardi and their entire line of products, Chevy, Lazzara yachts, Balmain Paris, DreamCatcher’s Extensions, DeFabulous, Timberland,, Diplomatico Rum, Best Damn Sports Show, Craig Ferguson, Gem Water, and so many more distinguished and honorable companies. She had the experience of working as a team leader and a market manager. Knowing all sides, she understands what it takes to be Miami’s top promo talent and how to manage them. At any given event, Kat may be one of your chosen promotional models! She takes pride in this, and through her energy and positive nature, it spreads to the other models and a team of promotional specialists is born unlike any other! Coined, “Momma Kat,” our models enjoy working with us because of the environment and energy we manifest.

Another great reason to hire Quintessential Promotions for your next event is our outfits! We go to great lengths to ensure that our uniforms represent the brand impeccably and fit all talent. Kat has an intensive background in fashion – studying fashion abroad in Florence, Italy and working as a Personal Stylist at Bergdorf Goodman and as a fashion merchandiser at DKNY in New York City. She has incredible relationships with local fashion designers and boutiques to achieve that unique look with a quintessential touch for your brand! We also have the ability to brand uniforms, promotional materials and even a car!

Take the plunge and book promotional talent through Quintessential Promotions, sit back and enjoy the experience. Simply request a quote today by calling or e-mailing us, and receive customized proposals, packages and services geared to your needs, your brand and its target audience and market. We look forward to creating a promotional team for you!


Part of Speech: Adjective Definition: Representing the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class: "the quintessential promotional team". Synonyms: archetypal, capital, champion, consummate, definitive, distinguished, esthetic, excellent, exemplary, famous, fine, finest, first-rate, flawless, ideal, master, masterly, paradigmatic, paramount, perfect, prime, quintessential, ranking, standard, superior, top, top-notch, vintage, well-known