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Trade Show Hostess

Trade Show Hostesses are used by businesses and organizations of all different sizes to generate sales during corporate events. Our trade show models at Quintessential Promotions rise above the rest when it comes to greeting potential clients, generating interest, making a difference with their expertise, engaging prospects, and demonstrating your product or services. Quintessential Promotions makes it easy to find and book Miami-based models for your next trade show. Book a Trade Show model with Quintessential Promotions to take your company campaign to the next level.

Trade Show Hostess Greeters

These approachable trade show Hostesses deliver a welcoming reception at your trade show booth, convention or corporate event.  Greeters are an effective solution if you are requiring any type of model from event hostesses to entry scanners.

Our trade show models at Quintessential Promotions are required, trained, and able to present any product or service they are representing. Our models will make sure that your guests and potential customers are well taken care of. Visitors and clients will feel welcomed and get an everlasting good impression of your company or service as they enter the trade show event or venue.

Our trade show models have the experience to handle any type of event. They are comfortable working at any size event or trade show, and interacting with a variety of different consumers is a breeze. Contact us at Quintessential Promotions to let us help you find the perfect greeter for your next event

Trade Show Hostesses Generate Interest

Hiring trade show Hostess is very important when it comes to increasing consumer interest for your brand’s products and services. A trade show model’s goals range from drawing attention your company’s booth with their fabulous looks and appealing personality to engaging attendees and qualifying sales leads. Our models are guaranteed to go above and beyond your expectations in regard to generating interest in your product or service.

Expertise That Makes a Difference

Quintessential trade show models are experts at retaining information about your product or service and successfully presenting it to your trade show booth visitors. Our trade show models have years of sales experience and are so impressive that many booth visitors usually think they are actually employed by the company they are representing.

Engage Prospects with Trade Show Models

Our professional trade show models are able to engage with large numbers of attendees and successfully generate leads for your entire sales department.

Quintessential trade show models can also be used to hand out promotional sales materials so you and your team are able to put extra emphasis on interacting with prospective buyers and potential clients.

Product Demonstrators

Hiring an attractive and experienced trade show model is a great way to spotlight your product. A successful product demonstrator is avid about the product or service they are representing. They are able to successfully motivate customers to purchase products or to take specific predefined actions. Product demonstrators are meant to increase consumer demand and are experienced in customer service.

Our Quintessential trade show models will showcase your products and demonstrate the profits and worth of your product or service. They are able to answer questions, explain product and service features, and provide samples. Our models are specifically trained to exhibit product functionality and service quality.

In a nutshell, our promotional trade show hostesses will help your product or service sell. We offer a variation of bi-lingual and multi-lingual models that are able to interact with all different demographics. Quintessential trade show models are able to interact with your customers to create a positive experience. They are assured to radiate enthusiasm as they represent your company. Contact Quintessential Promotions to hire our trade show models for your next event.


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